We are the leading specialists in timeshare relinquishment and timeshare compensation claims.

At American Consumer Claims LLC (ACC), we're renowned for our expertise in liberating clients from mis-sold or burdensome timeshares. Over the past 8 years, we've consistently led the field, securing 1,479 court awards and facilitating more than 2,800 contract cancellations.

Who is ACC?

ACC is a premier American firm (the US division of ECC) specializing in timeshare cancellation and compensation. We’re dedicated to helping timeshare owners escape unwanted commitments and, where possible, secure compensation. Our collective efforts have already reclaimed over $27,200,000 in compensation against illegal and mis-sold timeshare contracts.

Together with our partners, including Timeshare Advice Center US (TAC US), European Consumer Claims (ECC), and Timeshare Advice Center EU (TAC EU), our network of over 150 experienced advisors operates globally. Our mission is to continue our remarkable track record, helping more U.S. timeshare owners free themselves from unwanted ownerships and hefty long-term fees, while also securing substantial compensation.

We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate in terminating timeshare contracts and a 98.6% success rate in court awards and settlements for compensation.

Our Clients' Concerns:

Many clients approach us with issues like:

  • Exorbitant and increasing annual maintenance fees.
  • Limited availability and unfair timeshare exchanges.
  • Changes in personal circumstances affecting their ability to maintain a timeshare.
  • Poor treatment by resort owners or disillusionment with the timeshare model.
  • Worries about passing on long-term liabilities to their family. We are committed to legally canceling timeshare contracts and actively seek financial compensation for our clients.