We are leading specialists in timeshare relinquishment and timeshare compensation claims.

Since 2016, ACC and its partner companies have been leaders in the field of providing help for mis-sold or trapped timeshare owners. In the 7 years since we launched, we have achieved 1364 separate court awards (including appeals) against timeshare companies and more than 2,800 contract cancellations.

Who is ACC?

ACC (American Consumer Claims) is an American timeshare cancellation and compensation firm that specializes in releasing timeshare owners from unwanted timeshares all over the world and where possible, seeking compensation. Our teams collectively, have so far successfully claimed (through court litigation and settlements) over $25 million in compensation against illegal and mis-sold timeshare contracts.

ACC and partners including Timeshare Advice Center US (TAC US), European Consumer Claims (ECC) and Timeshare Advice Centre EU (TAC EU) have over 150 experienced timeshare advisors operating from a global network of offices.

Our mission is to build on the incredible success we have achieved so far and help more timeshare owners in the US to rid themselves of their unwanted ownerships (and the associated long-term fee commitments) and receive thousands of dollars in compensation.

We're experts in identifying opportunities to claim, and with a 100% success rate in terminating timeshare contracts and 98.6% in receiving successful court awards and/or settlements for compensation.

The timeshare owners we help often come to us with a combination of the following concerns:

  • Unreasonably high annual maintenance fees, with year-on-year increases.
  • Frustration at the lack of availability and/or unfair allocation of timeshare exchanges
  • Changes in personal circumstances, such as health, retirement, family or finances.
  • Unfair treatment by resort owners and/or disillusionment with a timeshare.
  • Concerns about burdening their family with unwanted long-term future liabilities.

Timeshare not only has no resale value but is an ongoing financial burden. We legally cancel timeshare contracts and only take on contracts at resorts that we know we can cancel, in addition to seeking financial compensation through any means possible.