For the majority of Timeshare, Points or Fractional owners who come to us for advice, the main concern is to find a way to get out of their Timeshare contracts and to rid themselves and their families of long-term management fee liabilities – and we can of course offer advice purely on this basis.

However, many owners feel that they have grounds for a case against their timeshare resort due to the manner in which it was sold to them or promises made that did not materialize. The fact is that in the USA, timeshare laws vary from state to state. It very much depends on the state that you purchased your timeshare and the timeshare law in that state.

The most common reasons we hear from owners wishing to claim against their resort are:

  • They were not informed of their cooling off period right
  • They were not allowed to cancel within the cooling off period
  • They were not informed of all related fees
  • Conflicting instructions regarding contract cancellation rights
  • Conflicting laws governing the timeshare purchase agreement
  • High-pressure selling
  • Pressure to take out finance resulting in unaffordable loan repayments

American Consumer Claims can listen to your experience and give you advice on the best way cancel your timeshare and ongoing financial liabilities.

We are always investigating new routes that are opening up where there may be a possibility to claim against your resort in the future and will always consider the manner in which you were sold and the legal status of your timeshare purchase agreement.

Before taking any steps yourself that could prevent your ability to make a claim in the future, make sure you get expert advice on your timeshare contract.

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