Flagship Resort (owned by Fantasea Resorts) is set in the amazing location of Atlantic City. With stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and close to many restaurants and sources of entertainment, these self-contained condos were hugely sought after in their heyday.

Despite the annual maintenance fees charged to owners, the resort has now become outdated with many reporting “a distinct lack of hygiene and cleanliness”.

Most recently, we have heard from owners who were pressured to sit through presentations lasting over eight hours in exchange for their “prize” of a free trip. After being convinced to purchase the timeshare, many found that they weren’t able to secure a booking in their first year of ownership and found customer services to be unresponsive.

Other members have reported:

  • High-pressure to buy during the timeshare presentation
  • Not being allowed to leave the presentation
  • Being allocated a low quality unit after being shown a high quality unit on the presentation
  • Lies concerning yearly fees and exchanges

Flagship resorts units are currently being given away for free on timeshare resale sites. This says a lot about the strength of the resort if it has come down to giving the units away for free.

Many owners have experienced similar problems with their Flagship timeshare and want a way out.

If you want to exit your Flagship Resort timeshare contract, get in contact with us to find out what your options are.