Far from its heyday when the Grandview Las Vegas was in its prime, visitors now complain of units that are dirty and in need of work, TV’s and other appliances that do not function, problems with wifi, beds that need replacing, lights that are out and a nasty smell.

Owners who did want to use their timeshare at the Grand View Las Vegas, found that non-members had more availability than members. Owners have tried to book a year in advance and still not been able to secure the reservation they wanted.

Yearly increases in maintenance fees have made it difficult for members to keep up with and many owners resent having to pay the fees for a product they do not get any value from.

Some have tried to exit their Grandview Las Vegas timeshare ownership directly with the company and found themselves given criteria which when each time upon fulfilling, they are given more criteria to fulfil. The company make it very difficult if not impossible to be released from a contract.

Exiting a Grandview Las Vegas contract is very difficult without assistance. If you would like to cancel your Grandview Las Vegas contract, contact us to find out how we can assist you.