Were you enticed to a timeshare presentation with a Prize?

We’ve heard from many owners at Inn Season Resorts who have reported that they were lured to sit through a timeshare presentation off the back of a big prize – normally a stay at one of their hotels for a “free vacation”.

After being sold a points-based timeshare, owners have reported that they have hardly ever been able to reserve a booking, had to deal with inadequate customer service and made promises at the presentation which never lived up (such as how it was promised that maintenance fees would be included in the monthly mortgage payments, when much to the shock of the members they were sent a separate bill for fees).

Were you told that you could exit your InnSeasons Contract at any time?

We would like to hear from owners who have experienced similar problems with their ownership.

If you have decided that you want to exit your Inn Seasons timeshare contract, we can help. We have helped many owners at InnSeasons to cancel their contracts and have given them back their freedom to travel.

Contact us using the short form and we’ll call you back to see how we can assist.