Attending the mandatory presentation (to be allowed to take your ‘free’ holiday) at Massanutten Resort will easily get you tied into a lifetime contract. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to escape without assistance. The resort offers no buy back or deed back facility and only insists on three ways of exiting a Massanutten Resort contract…rescinding in the recission period, exchanging for another Massanutten Resort product (for more money), or selling on the open market.

These options do not ring plausible to Massanutten Resort timeshare owners who have usually passed the recission period when they realize they have made a mistake. Spending even more money on another product will just get them into deeper water and possibly more debt and trying to sell on the timeshare resale market will likely involve losing yet money to a resale company with no guarantee of a sale.

Foreclosure will affect credit scores which will impact the likelihood of being accepted for credit in the future and will stay on a person’s credit report for seven years, so that option is not inviting either.

If you have tried to exit your contract with Massanutten Resort and failed, we can help. We have helped other owners to cancel their contract, and in some cases, cancel the associated finance liabilities.

Contact us to find out more, with a free no-obligation appraisal of your Massanutten Resort timeshare contract.