Orange Lake resort is situated in Orlando, Florida. As in all cases of supply and demand, Orlando is a hotspot for timeshare resorts being located close to Disney and lots of attractions for families and so the number of timeshare resorts that sprang up reflect the tourist demand in that location.

Orange Lake belongs to the Holiday Inn family of resorts which runs on a points-based system. The problems that owners have found is that they never seem to have enough points to secure a vacation reservation.

Sales presentations were lengthy, sometimes lasting up to 6 hours and we found that owners have reported being lied to by Orange Lake sales reps at the presentations, in some case being told that their ownership was actually real estate and had a saleable value. One owner, who already owned a timeshare thought she was signing up for a 3 day stay for free and came away owing another timeshare. Other members report using bait and switch tactics to sell another more expensive timeshare to unsuspecting members.

Despite problems with availability, members are still paying expensive maintenance fees which for many have reached the point where they have become unaffordable.

Points have no resale value and although Holiday Inn may refer you to a resale company who will charge an upfront fee with no sale guarantee, it is very unlikely that a successful sale will follow (as the points are worthless).

If you would like to exit your Orange Lake timeshare ownership, speak to us about a cancellation. Although we cannot guarantee a return of all of your money, we can guarantee that you will be able to legally walk away from your ownership, for good, and in some cases we are able to cancel any associated finance liabilities.

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