Situated just one mile from the Walt Disney resort, Westgate is in an area that has been a prime choice to own a timeshare for many people.

Unfortunately, many people who sat through a high-pressure presentation (literally trapped…for up to 8 hours!) for a Westgate timeshare have reported being told a whole bunch of lies to get them to sign a contract.

These included:

  • That the ownership is an investment that will go up in value.
  • That the developer would take the ownership back at any point.
  • That the purchase included bonus stays for free.
  • That the owner could travel anywhere.
  • That early booking will secure a reservation.

Members have found that none of the above is true but when members have tried to confront Westgate about the lies, they have been ignored and have not provided any assistance to owners.

This has led to a huge number of owners searching to exit Westgate timeshare contracts.

We can help.

We have assisted many Westgate timeshare owners to cancel their contracts and legally walk away from their ownership for good.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.