Exit your timeshare Contract

Timeshare resorts and groups rely on the fact that most of their customers will quietly accept and pay management fee increases without making a fuss. We find that many of the people who contact us have wanted to escape from their timeshare for a while, but believed it wasn’t possible.

A phrase we hear all the time is: “We only wish we had contacted you sooner…”.

Based on the information you provide and the timeshare company you are with, we will outline your options for freeing yourself from both your timeshare and its long-term fee liabilities.

In addition, we can advise on whether you may have grounds to claim compensation from your resort in the future. Perhaps you have already spoken to your timeshare company about disposing of your timeshare without success.

Our advice is to be cautious about any advice they offer you. Bear in mind that your timeshare company considers you as a source of income that is committed to paying the annual fees for many years to come.

Your contract may represent tens, or maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to them over time. You are therefore unlikely to receive unbiased, independent advice from them.

To draw an analogy – if you were trying to give up smoking, you wouldn’t ask the ‘Marlboro Man’ how to go about it…

We will give you an honest, practical appraisal of your options.

What happens next?

Once you’ve made contact and seen the options you have available, you can decide how to proceed, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving independent, expert advice. Some of our customers then choose to try and arrange their own timeshare cancellations, while others prefer us to make the arrangements on their behalf.

Either way, we look forward to being of assistance.

Don’t suffer in silence. Take the first step and contact American Consumer Claims today.