$52,606 awarded in Club La Costa Cases plus 2 Anfi and 3 Diamond Resorts

$52,606 awarded in Club La Costa Cases plus 2 Anfi and 3 Diamond Resorts

During this week, we were victorious in a case against Club la Costa UK Surcusal, we lost this case in the first instance. However, we won the appeal before the High Court. The timeshare contract was signed with one of the companies that CLC holds in the Isle of Man, the court decided that as this is a fraudulent group, all of the companies were created to scam clients and as the branch in Spain is the operational centre of CLC it must be recognised as liable to respond on behalf of the others. A brilliant victory for the legal team, obtaining $43,482 in awards for the client.

We also had another victory against CLC, where the contract was found to lack specific accommodation details, the claimants were awarded $9,124.

Two successful judgements against Anfi resulted in awards of $48,996. In one of the cases, where we obtained $27,369 in monies awarded, the judge accepted that the contract was previously cancelled by the Resort for non-payment (our clients were told to stop paying the maintenance fees). However, the clause that allows the Resort to cancel unilaterally the contract in this case is not reasonable under the limits of the law. So, what the judge decided was to give back the proportional amount paid for the contract to the owners.

Furthermore, we have obtained 3 victories against Diamond Resorts, accumulating to a total of $40,514 in monies awarded. As well as a contract cancellation with MacDonald Resorts.

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