4 Wins Against Club la Costa

4 Wins Against Club la Costa

ACC and their partners are pleased to inform you of last week’s victories. The umbrella of ACC and ECC's lawyers secured five results with a total amount awarded $88,678.

1st Court of Instance:

  • CLC Sucursal x 3 - The nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the duration. 2 contracts were also nulled due to lack of property information also. $61,522 awarded over the 3 cases.
  • CLC Sucursal - This is a final judgement from the judge in the 5th court, Fuengirola. She has granted as requested in the plea, not only the nullity of the main contract ($19,120 pounds) but also orders CLC to pay Barclays Partner Finance the loan amount for $56,082 Pounds. It was stated that CLC are a credit intermediary and that both contracts are linked. $19,120 awarded to our client.

There was also a positive judgement against Silverpoint.

All cases will now proceed to the next step.

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