The Manhattan Club has already been at the centre of a fraud investigation that resulted in a $6.5millon fine for their sales practices in 2017. Since then, there has been complaints about the manner in which the product was still being sold. Deceptive tactics included:

  • Misleading owners about the reservation process
  • Leading owners to believe that they can sell back their shares
  • Subsidizing maintenance fees for the first few years of ownership so they they appeared to be low before escalating the fees from $600 to $3,200. Owners just had to accept this.

Adding fuel to the already blazing fire, a week at the Manhattan Club can be purchased for much less than a year’s maintenance fees, which are due on the anniversary of the contract purchase. Owners have reported that their credit cards were pre-charged up to nine months before the fees were due and on occasions, owners were not allowed to make a reservation unless they agreed to the prepayment of maintenance fees.

Despite the huge purchase price and the shocking maintenance fees, owners have huge difficulties in securing a booking which has led to a huge increase in owners searching to exit a Manhattan Club timeshare contract.

If you want to cancel your Manhattan Club contract, contact us to find out your options.